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Taylor Wimpey
Taylor Wimpey


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Taylor Wimpey's site at the time was very basic, lacking in a multitude of ways including a responsive framework, modern webfonts, clearly defined journeys, complex search, related content, and well defined and maintained brand consistency. Taylor Wimpey looked to Valtech to redefine their digital experience, and align with their customer-first strategy through a market-leading platform.

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Working in a core team comprising a UX Designer, Business Analyst, Researcher and Technical Lead, we took Taylor Wimpey through a discovery phase of workshops interviews and creative ideation to outline user stories, into a primary user journey, culminating in a mobile prototype used for moderated and unmoderated user testing.

Art Direction was minimalist with brand colours used sparingly for interactive elements, with further colour added through photography and bespoke iconography. Given Taylor Wimpey were keen to put more emphasis on family rather than pure bricks and mortar, we included more photography of people enjoying their homes to add some humanity to the living spaces; these were balanced with more traditional empty spaces, allowing home buyers to better imagine their own use of space.

Up until this point, Taylor Wimpey used one primary sans-serif font, and a secondary serif for higher-end plots across their print marketing, but despite commonly supported webfonts, still using Helvetica as their websafe brand font. We used this an an opportunity to suggest updating typography to more consistent brand alternatives across their digital platforms, and in the process bumped up the secondary font to primary use to reflect a more elegant and modern aesthetic. Along with the website update, a Tone of Voice and photography document was also created to guide the production of new content.

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Regardless of the scope or scale of each brief, Dave’s ambition to produce exceptional creative always reigned supreme. Dave was also good fun to be around, bringing lots of humour to work which often brightened busy days.
– Katie Pospischil, Head of Client Services at Octopus Group (Publicis Groupe UK)