Love & Dust: The Rock Collector

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Personal project


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I taught myself Blender 3D over the first lockdown of 2020, and since then have been learning and experimenting with different techniques. This project started as a way to challenge myself to build on previous ideas, create a short animation, and understand simple character rigging. I've since extended it out and added a voice-over and soundtrack, and continue to use it as a place to experiment with new animation, 3D modelling techniques, particle effects and ideas. Everything in here I designed and created from scratch, except for the plants and butterfly rig, which were pre-existing assets. And if you're interested/also a nerd: it was rendered in Cycles.

Love & Dust explores the meaning, purpose, and value of existence from the perspective of a lonely rock-collecting robot.

But if that makes it sound even remotely high-brow, it's not. Creativity and ideas should be an enjoyable process – if it's not enjoyable, you're over-thinking it. This one's just for fun.

Fair warning: includes swears.

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Dave has added a huge amount. You can’t be a great marketing agency without a really strong creative department and Dave has delivered that. He leads from the front, with a natural passion for design which means you know he’ll always give 100% to anything he works on. Dave commits! Culturally, Dave is very easy to work with and great to have around. He always speaks his mind as a senior team member, but always in a very balanced and consultative way. He’s also good fun and people enjoy being around him, which is crucial for a management team member.
– Pete Hendrick; MD at Octopus Group (Publicis Groupe UK)