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Octopus Group (Publicis Groupe UK)

Like many others, the aviation industry took a huge financial hit throughout the pandemic. As planes were grounded and flights cancelled, some operators went out of business, others had to rethink their entire business model. Octopus Group (Publicis Groupe UK) was asked to create a smart, creative, engaging campaign to generate demand for the Airbus A330 – the versatility, financial efficiency and interoperability of which makes it ideal for airlines looking to bounce back and get flying again.

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The A330 is a more economical plane, however in order to create trust with our audience we needed to be clear and direct in tangibly demonstrating its value; as well as creating thought leadership centered on use cases, we worked with a leading aircraft design and performance consultant, to create an interactive economic model – a bespoke and responsive dashboard visitors could use to compare the economic viability of the A330 to similar planes, such as fuel burn, operating costs, carbon offset.

At a time where businesses were putting decisions under greater financial scrutiny, we stripped it back to basics, flipping the focus from the plane itself, and instead focussing on an economics-first message; and in doing so, creating an entirely new brand for the campaign to stand out from the crowd of blue skies and sunsets in industry magazines and online.

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Targeted social, PPC, email nurture, LinkedIn InMail and print advertising in trade press drove visitors to a microsite hosting the economic model, along with a campaign film and gated (HubSpot) thought leadership targeted to four key A330 use cases (upsizing aircraft, downsizing, cargo, and new business), an infographic, blog posts, whitepapers case studies, and up-to-date listings of available A330s.


In the first week of launch, the campaign achieved:


Approx pipeline ROI; 3 requests for available aircraft




Web visits


LinkedIn CTR (double industry average)


CPC (against a forecast of £11)


Visual exploration & experimentation

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Working with Dave is fun, productive and a genuine inspiration – he manages to grasp both the creative requirements for a project, and the technical detail with which to deliver it. It’s quite something to behold. I really enjoyed working with Dave, both for his professional excellence and his brilliant sense of humour, wit and work ethic. I can’t recommend him highly enough.
– Tom Dennis, Head of Content Marketing at English Heritage