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Octopus Group (Publicis Groupe UK)

ChartHop pulls business's people data into one place, creating a single, real-time picture that everyone can access to make better organisational decisions. They were going through a rebrand, and tasked Octopus Group (Publicis Groupe UK) with re-designing and rebuilding their website from the ground up, including new UX, copy, and content, with the ultimate goal of driving product sign-ups.

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Working with ChartHop’s branding agency, we took very early concepts and defined how their brand would work on a digital platform. These early brand concepts included typography, colour, and patterns, but very little indication of the overall application, so our work included various experiments with the layout of components, typographic treatment, custom iconography, and use of brand motifs and patterns. All content was rewritten based on the new UX, positioning, and tone of voice, along with site illustrations and iconography.

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The site was designed and built on a responsive grid, and WordPress CMS. It was so well received by the client and branding agency, that as well as creating a stand-out brand platform, elements of the design were incorporated into ChartHop’s brand guidelines.


In just three months, the site drove more than 2,000 sign-ups for ChartHop's freemium tier product. The site now converts three times the traffic it did previously, engagement has improved significantly, and they're on track for record-breaking SEO growth. Winner, B2B Website of the Year, UK Digital Excellence Awards 2023.


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Working with Dave is fun, productive and a genuine inspiration – he manages to grasp both the creative requirements for a project, and the technical detail with which to deliver it. It’s quite something to behold. I really enjoyed working with Dave, both for his professional excellence and his brilliant sense of humour, wit and work ethic. I can’t recommend him highly enough.
– Tom Dennis, Head of Content Marketing at English Heritage