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Octopus Group is a London-based full-service marketing agency founded in 2001. Having brought a number of seperate group companies together as one, they sought to reposition their brand identity from the ground-up.

Idents of the logo were conceptualised using materials such as ice, latex, liquid and powder, all designed to transform from one state to another in real time – melting, stretching, forming, exploding. Each one was rigged and shot in real-time, then reversed, cleaned up and edited together to work as a single hero video. As well as featuring on the site, stills from each video were used as a central part of the branding, across various collateral, from stationery to office walls.

Octopus Group powder ident
Octopus Group liquid ident
Octopus Group latex ident
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Octopus Group ice ident
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